Cruisers Vacation in El Salvador
Local Volunteer Activities

Just Water

A humanitarian project funded by people like you to benefit the residents of Isla Cordoncillo.

Isla Cordoncillo is home to 270 people, 160 of which are young children. Many of the men on the island are primarily artisan fishermen who fish to feed their families and any extra to sell.

The island is completely without services such as electricity, clean fresh water, sewage and garbage disposal, health care, etc. What ever these families need they must provide for themselves. Clean water is one of the most basic needs for human beings. All the water on the island is not safe to drink due to the lack of proper sewage disposal, salt water intrusion and other pollution sources.

Volunteer dental cleaning

Our primary goals are first: to provide access to safe drinking water and second, help raise the standard of living for the families. We started in 2013 with a project to provide each family with a ceramic water filter, so they could have safe drinking water. Previous and ongoing projects are building rain water catchment cisterns, mosquito abatement, and ECO stoves.

Feeding hungry children during 2015 flood

Our project is funded by donations from boaters who have visited, Salvadorian expats in the USA, and local business people. One-hundred percent of donated money goes to the project.

Previous cruisers have donated their skills such as dental screening, teeth cleaning, and eye care. We always welcome donations of money, clothing, eye glasses, kitchen items, toys, tools, most anything that may be of use to the local people. Find us on Facebook: "Just Water"

Teaching English

Would you, or anyone you know, be interested in teaching English on a voluntary basis to local students in Costa de Sol?

Since mid 2018, we have been running an after-school program, “Marea Alta”, in la Costa del Sol where we try to complement the formal school system of El Salvador for local, less privileged, students.

We mainly teach elementary/conversational English, Math, and basic Computer skills.

Quite a few cruisers volunteer to help teach at the school. As teachers you will enjoy interacting with the students, learn a lot about Salvadoran culture and society, and learn some Spanish as well. Previous cruisers have expressed many times that participating in this effort as a teacher has been extremely rewarding to them personally.

Cruisers either take the bus or travel by dinghy to the school. It is about 3.5 miles west from the marina.

Interested? Please write Sigfredo at or call at +503-7887-0953 - or contact Bill and Jean on Isla Cordoncillo.

Check it out on Facebook: Centro de Apoyo Marea Alta