Cruisers Vacation in El Salvador
Frequently Asked Questions


Why did you stop doing the rally?

The original idea behind the rally was to make Bahia del Sol a regular stop on cruisers southbound itinerary and, after 10 years, that was accomplished. Now, the Panama Posse even has taken that over. The majority of boats stopping here are part of that group.

In recent years rally membership has been diminishing (although overall arrivals increased).  With smaller numbers it was difficult to schedule and organize events.

So, what is "Cruisers Vacation"?

A cruisers vacation is getting away from the things that can sometimes make cruising a pain. The weather here is mild the majority of the time and the estuary is well protected and smooth as a lake. There are no hurricanes and tropical storms are rare. Forget those surf landings and you will not need dinghy wheels. Nearby are ocean and estuary beaches, stilt and "shore side" restaurants and you can do basic provisioning with your dinghy in a nearby town.

No fishing license is required and during certain tides the fishing in the estuary is very good. There have not been any security issues for almost a decade.

What makes Bahia different?

Each arriving boat receives welcome drinks, photos of crossing the bar, welcome pack with local information and generous "hand holding". The hotel has a "Cruisers Club" membership with offers discounts on meals and bar tabs, use of the entire facility, $1 beer and other benefits.

We have a weekly cruisers cocktail and pupusa (national food) party and organize events like panga tours around the estuary, bus trips to tourist events, daily happy hour around the hotel pool, and any other activities that the group of cruisers wants.

Do I need to join the Panama Posse?
You do not need to join the Panama Posse but as a participant you receive benefits at businesses in each port. That being said we treat all arrivals with the same courtesy and make you part of our cruising family.
Can any boat come to Bahia del Sol?
Boats from 24' to 110' have arrived in Bahia. However, because of the potential dangers of crossing the bar we do not recommend outboard-powered boats. Additionally, you must use the hotel pilot service for safely crossing the bar.
Is there a charge for the pilot service?
The service fee is $25 for entry and $25 for exit. The hotel will waive the exit pilot fee if you spend a certain amount of time in the marina.
Do I need to do a lot of provisioning before leaving my last port?
We recommend stocking up on items that are cheaper in the country you are in presently such as Tequila in Mexico, beer in Nicaguara, wine in Panama, etc. As well, you do not want to need to go shopping right after arriving.
What is the normal weather in Bahia?

November through March are the dry months.  Generally there are daily breezes from the east dying at night.  Daytime temperatures can reach over 90F but the norm is 88F.  Nights and early mornings are cool.

April is the beginning of the rainy season but it really does not start in earnest until May. During the rainy season there are rain squalls every few days during the early evening hours. At the beginning of the season the squalls can be unnerving, packing 30 to 40 knot gusts for 20 minutes followed by strong rain. Mostly the rain/wind events last 1 1/2 hours. The more frequently the squalls occur the less their intensity.

Does it take a lot of time to check in and out?
All formalities are at Hotel Bahia del Sol. After your welcome drink and securing your boat, you walk up to the immigration and Port Captain's office to check in. You will need US dollars.
What about crossing the bar in Bahia del Sol?
Hundreds of boats have crossed the bar without a problem. Throughout the year our experienced bar pilot and an English-speaking advisor will come out and guide you safely over the bar. Everyone says it is one of the best times they have ever had. That being said no bar crossing should be taken lightly, but serious mishaps are rare. (see the crossing the bar page)
Where do I find more information?
You can find a lot of information here or you can check "Annual Salvador Rally" on Facebook. If you have a specific question or concern please email us at

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